2023 Faculty Research List

2023 Faculty Research

The following faculty research projects are organized by colleges, and then alphabetically by department. Students are encouraged to look at related fields, as well as within their major departments for research projects, which might be interesting to them. For example, the research project in the theater department might also be interesting to sociology or education majors.

Please note that this list is non-exhaustive, as students may work with Faculty mentors not included on this list



Email Template to Potential Faculty Mentors

Possible Subject Line: Mentorship Inquiry for ______ (put the specific name, e.g. Mentoring Summer Research Internship, UC LEADS etc)

Hello Dr. ____,

My name is _____ and I am a student at UCR studying ______. I am writing to ask whether you would consider mentoring me during my summer research experience with the ______ [Insert Program Name Here] through the office of Academic Preparation, Recruitment and Outreach within the Graduate Division. As you might know, the program prepares undergraduate students for graduate school by providing a stipend for undergraduates to conduct research at UCR. The research findings will also be presented at a symposium in mid-August. You can read more about the program here:

I have learned about your research on _____ [insert relevant research topics] and am interested in exploring more about this topic myself. [Write something about your experience, your research interests, etc. A couple of sentences about you as a person will do].

If you would like to meet with me and discuss the possibility of your mentoring me this upcoming summer, I can set up a zoom meeting or phone call. If you’re available, I would like to talk to you soon, as the coordinators need to finalize details by March 31.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or require any further information from me and/or from the program coordinators.



(include name, phone number, email)

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