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"Participating in the MSRIP program this summer has been an amazing opportunity that granted me access to unforgettable experiences. Being able to meet various students with an array of diverse backgrounds was truly inspiring to me and grew my appreciation for UCR." 

-MSRIP '23 participant Rae Liu


"Sometimes, it is easy to give in to imposter syndrome. This research experience provided a space for me to confront those feelings and commit to pursuing a PhD."

- MSRIP for Transfers '23 participant Nicholas Torres



"My research experience gave me direction and the skills/resources necessary to pursue said direction. It has honestly been one of the greatest experiences that UCR has offered me."

-MSRIP/ Latinx & The Environment '23 participant Daniel Gonzalez II



The UC Leadership Excellence through Advanced DegreeS (UC LEADS) Program is a UC system wide academic preparation, two-year program designed to identify educationally and/or economically disadvantaged undergraduates pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), who will conceivably complete doctorate degrees. This program provides students with educational experiences that prepare them to assume positions of leadership in industry, government, public service, and academia following the completion of a doctoral degree, preferably at the University of California. 

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Undergraduate Summer Research Program

Mentoring Summer Research Internship Program (MSRIP)

Established in 1987, MSRIP is an eight-week summer research program designed for students in any major from educationally and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. There are three programs within this group: MSRIP, MSRIP for Transfers, and Mind the Gap (MSRIP for Seniors). Participants work under the supervision of a faculty mentor on the mentor’s research project. MSRIP is intended to encourage outstanding students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their PhD by strengthening their academic and professional development. The program provides an opportunity for these students to develop a competitive profile with which to seek admission to UC Riverside and the University of California in general, as well as colleges and universities nationwide.

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Transfer Students

APRO is committed to supporting undergraduate transfer students at UC Riverside. In addition to exposing students to campus resources, our office provides research opportunities created to help students plug into the UCR community while simultaneously developing their professional and academic skills. 



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